Miss Using This

I am live on Twitch basically 24 hours now. I have tens of thousands of cc debt. All my “dreams” have been dissolved and I am still in denial about it.

I bought BTC in 2012 and 2013 to share with friends DMT. screaming in your face, rabid I’m gonna need those BTC back now.

I bought D3 asics in 2017 to “secure” a “privacy” chain. screaming in your face, rabid I’m gonna need that $5,000+ from Bitmain, NOW.

I built GPU miners and you sniveling Sneasels switched to POS before I even got to 32 eth. Hundreds of hours electricity.

I run my own Bitcoin node. I’ve traded on all the degen exchanges. I put my own art project + mint on Solana without any professional assistance.

I minted 7 Pudgy Penguins and was forced to sell all to manage positions.

My dad gave me money during the November top since everything was going a-okay saw how much I believed in the shit so I bought Solana with his USD starting first pull back around $209.

I got rekt on the Solana perp sites. While Sam was greasing politicians on both sides, buying stadiums and abusing stimulants his billionaire “comrades” and cronies were all in heavy short positions.

Did I mention that it is not very easy for US citizens to take shorts?

I got rekt on GMX too. Check the chain.

I am getting a Death Note ready unless I get my money back in [unspecific amount of time]. I don’t want to hurt anyone directly or indirectly but I will if I have to. This is how self-custody works.

Please return the funds as I won’t be using the state or lawyers.

This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for the purpose.